Easy Ways to Work on Newspaper Psychological Tests

Newspaper psychological test or also called kraepelin test or pauli test is an analogy category psychological test which consists of arrangement of numbers in the form of lanes. The way this test works is to add two adjacent numbers to each row within the specified time. This newspaper test is done to see your thinking skills when dealing with a series of numbers that are quite long.
The Purpose of Newspaper Psychological Tests
Newspaper psychological test or kraepelin test have important objectives, so this test is never left behind for psychological test. The purpose of the newspaper test is to determine the level of tenacity, emotion, willingness, adjustment to the stability of a person at work. Not everyone has the ability to do this kraepelin test well and on time, because to do it requires a high level of diligence and concentration, the more mistakes you make will show your attitude that is less focused, not careful and has less endurance work.
How to do a newspaper psychological test
The way to do the test from the newspaper psychology is actually very simple and easy, namely by adding two numbers that are close together continuously down to the end of the specified time. For charging, the number written is only the unit number you write between the numbers you add. Each lane is given a time limit, and will immediately move to the next lane when the time is up.
Although it seems trivial and simple, the type of newspaper psychological test can be a troublesome trap. For that there are a few tips that you can do when working on this test. The first tip is concentration, a high level of concentration will make you more thorough and careful in calculating. Then on time according to the instructions given. When you follow the workmanship, your steps will be easier. And the latest test tips for newspaper psychology are multiply training, before you take the test test for this newspaper, hopefully it can be useful ...
Description: The newspaper psychological test is a psychological test that confronts test participants with a fairly long series of numbers in each lane to see the level of accuracy, tenacity and endurance of the test participants.
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