Get to know the characteristics and tricks of working on the Wartegg psychological test

The Wartegg psychological test is a psychological test that is often tested by companies for the selection of new employees. This test is not like other types of psychological tests, which require you to choose the appropriate question answer. It is almost the same as a draw test or drawing test in which participants are generally asked to draw trees, houses and people. In this test participants are asked to put their creativity and imagination to draw on the box provided, where in each box there is a character that must be developed.
Characteristics of the Wartegg Psychological Test
Wartegg psychological test is a test that is made to find out the personality of the prospective employees through the images they make and they want. In this test there are 8 boxes, in which each box has a certain form or pattern that must be continued by the test participants according to the wishes of the participants. In the Wartegg test there are two categories of image patterns, namely the straight-line pattern found in box number 3,4,5,6 and the curved line pattern found in box number 1,2,7,8.
Tips for Working on the Wartegg Psychological Test
To be able to do the Wartegg psychological test with good results, you can work on the easiest patterns first. Next, sequence the images in sequence and randomly. You can do it in the order of 1,2,3,4,8,7,6,5. But adjust it also with work instructions. This sequence is quite important because it is seen as a scale of one's attitude and priorities in his work. Furthermore, related to the image pattern, you should draw a living object for curved patterns and dead objects for a straight line pattern so as not to appear stiff.
In addition, you need to know some people also think that for those who are male sex will be considered having a sex disorder when working on picture number 5 first. draw as creatively as possible to show your intelligence, and you should avoid deleting images too often because it will highlight your doubts. Those are some tricks in running the wartegg psychological test, hopefully useful ...
Description: Wartegg's psychological test is a drawing ability test based on desire and creativity to see one's personality.
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