5 Smartphone Most Searched In Indonesia

Smartphone has now become one of the needs that cannot be left behind. Smartphones have a variety of applications that can support activities or as entertainment. But to get a good and stable smartphone is certainly not easy. And on this occasion we will provide the most sought-after smartphone information for the past year for you to use as a reference in finding the best smartphone that suits your needs.
List of Most Wanted Smartphones in Indonesia
Indonesia is one of the biggest markets in the world which is used as a platform for vendors to peddle their newest smartphone products. Various features were presented to attract the attention of smartphone users. Moreover, the price offered is very diverse and quite affordable. And the first most sought after smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy A Series smartphone. This smartphone ranks first with the series which include Samsung Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A8. With this amazing level of sales, Samsung is expected to bring back the latest Samsung Galaxy A series.
And still from Samsung vendors, the next most sought after smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy J5 and Samsung Galaxy J1. Smasung Galaxy J5 smartphone is in second place with a price range of 2.6 million rupiah and of course offers a qualified specification with a 1.2 Ghz Quad Core CPU and RAM memory that reaches 1.5 GB. And in the next place is the Samsung Galaxy J1 with a cheaper price of 1.3 million rupiah with specifications that are no less qualified with other middle-class smartphones.
The fourth most sought after smartphone is the Asus Zenfone 2. Although relatively new, this vendor is able to prove that the smartphone products offered are of high quality and able to compete in the market. And which ranks last is the Samsung Galaxy V which is able to meet the market demand for cheap smartphones with a price range of 960 thousand. Those are some of the most sought after smartphones in Indonesia, hopefully useful.
Description: The most sought-after smartphone in Indonesia is still dominated by Samsung vendor's smartphone output that has proven quality and has a big name in the world smartphone market.

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