How to quickly tilapia herds

Tilapia is one type of fish that breeds faster when compared to other fish. For this reason, tilapia livestock are considered more profitable and more attractive to fish farmers, other than because the sale value is relatively high and stable with faster harvest times. In addition to the benefits offered in economic terms, tilapia aquaculture also offers a variety of conveniences, such as the problem of food and places, where tilapia can be cultivated in various places, both in ponds, cages, floating nets, or brackish water ponds.
Potential of Tilapia Livestock Business
Tilapia fish have a pretty good business potential, besides the price is quite high, fish care is also not difficult, with a small risk of loss, because tilapia is more resistant to various diseases, has a high endurance, with faster growth, besides tilapia can also eat all types of food and can adapt very well in all conditions. Seeing the various facilities offered both in terms of maintenance and development, fish cultivation businesses are more likely to choose the type of tilapia to be cultivated.
The Quick Way to Tilapia Cattle
In starting a tilapia livestock business, the first thing you have to do is prepare a pond that is as comfortable as possible for fish breeding. before filling the pool water, pool should be dried first, pay attention to the inlet and exit water, liming and fertilizing. Fill the pond with a depth of about 80-150cm. after 5-7 days tilapia seeds can be stocked with a density of 5-10 individuals / m², with a seed size of 8-12 cm. Henceforth, maintenance will take approximately 4-6 months.
To accelerate the growth of fish, feeding becomes a very important factor, for tilapia livestock you can provide food in the form of bran or coconut pulp with pellets. In addition, to meet the needs of fish food, you can add green leaves. And the last thing is to maintain the condition of the pond and feeding every day.
Description: Tilapia livestock are much in demand by entrepreneurs because of the relatively high selling prices with faster growth rates with easy maintenance

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